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Welcome to Slava's Zombie Circus
Phantasy Factory

Slava's Story

Slava Gazanovich was born in Russia during the golden era of Russian Circus. From early childhood, the Circus was Slava's only passion. He was the youngest performer ever to be invited to the coveted Russian Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard.

As his talents peaked, he became bored with normal circus acts, and he developed a deep love of the dark and twisted... These ideas got him kicked out of the Tsvetnoy Circus and banned from the country. He traveled to America, performing where he could. His dark and twisted style of circus, incorporating freakshows and dark magic, attracted many other performers. Together they created Slava's Psycho Circus.

During one of their tours across the country, they stopped at an old town whose residents all seemed to be sick from a mysterious virus. It didn't take long for half of Slava's performers to become infected. However, the virus did not kill them. Their bodies cold, their eyes lifeless; they still walked. Filled with rage and a yearning for human flesh, these performers brought a new meaning to freakshow. Slava could have closed his circus...but he had a taste for all things dark.

He now has a new act. A twisted and demented act. An act which lets him play with his undead friends.

Welcome to Slava's Zombie Circus.

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Featuring 4 Unique attractionsPlus so much more!

Slava's Maize of TerrorSouthern Tier's Only Haunted Corn Maze

Spooky Cornfield

Deep within the dark forest where screams can not be heard, is Slava's Maize of Terror where his freaks and creatures of the night loom around every corner. Once inside his Maize, you are but a rat in his twisted mind, trying to scratch your way out while not getting consumed by the darkness around you.

Warning: Not suggested for those 13 years and under.

Blacklight Zombie Paintball Ring

Zombie in Shooting Gallery

Zombies, paintballs, pyrotechnics....What more can one ask for? Hosted by Slava himself, this ring of the undead is Slava's pride and joy. He's collected his undead brethren like circus monkeys, and has found a new use for these former workers of his. Bathed in an eerie blacklight, his zombies stumble around the fiery red Feeding Tree, giving you the perfect opportunity to unload hundreds of glowing paintballs upon the undead.

Come one, come all, this is fun for everyone ages 7 and older.

Bloodypines Carnyville Haunted Trail

Spooky Forest

Welcome to Bloodypines Carnyville, where the freaks call home. Venture deep into the Bloodypines forest and see where the carnys live, both the living and undead. Be careful as you find your way through though. Some carnys are not thrilled about inviting outsiders into their compound, while others will greet you with open arms....and teeth.

Not suggested for those under 13, or who have nervous bowels.

Airsoft Pumpkin Carving

Airsoft rifle being aimed at scared pumpkin

Step right up and destroy a pumpkin! Airsoft guns + pumpkins = FUN! Test your marksmanship and try your hand at carving a face, or if it tickles your fancy, just unleash a stream of automatic awesomeness at the bright orange flesh.


  • Games, Food, and Beer.
  • Beer provided by Binghamton Brewing Co.To be served alcohol, Valid ID must be presented.
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Did you know?

$1 of every ticket purchase goes to The Southern Tier Independence Center to empower local people with disabilities to live fully integrated lives. For more information on this great organization, visit their website.

Dates and Times

October calendar with every Friday and Saturday circled

On every FRIDAY and SATURDAY of October, Slava's Zombie Circus will be open from7-10 PM* Box office closes at 10, grounds open until last person has gone through each attraction.

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* In case of bad weather, we will post on our Facebook page by 4pm if we will be closed.


Although your GPS won't help you get out of Slava's Corn Maze, it will help you get here.

Our address:(click to open Google Maps)

445 Miller Beach Rd
Owego NY 13827

Contact Us

Want to join the Circus?

We are always looking for talented makeup artists, actors, costumers, and individuals who just want to help create a great experience for our guests. If that sounds like you, contact us!

We would like to thank our sponsors

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Weather Announcement

Slava's Zombie Circus will be closed on Saturday October 22 due to weather.

We expect to reopen Friday and Saturday of next week, as scheduled.

For the latest updates, be sure to follow us on Facebook.

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