Slava's Zombie Circus

Slava's Zombie Circus

slava's story

Slava Gazanovich was born in 1948 in Russia during the golden era of Russian Circus. From early childhood, the Circus was Slava's only passion. He was the youngest performer ever to be invited to the coveted Russian Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard.

As his talents peaked, he became bored with normal circus acts, and he developed a deep love of the dark and twisted. These ideas got him kicked out of the Tsvetnoy Circus and banned from the country. He traveled to America, performing where he could. His dark and twisted style of circus, incorporating freakshows and dark magic, attracted many other performers. Together they created Slava's Psycho Circus.

During one of their tours across the country, they stopped at an old town whose residents all seemed to be sick from a mysterious virus. It didn't take long for half of Slava's performers to become infected. However, the virus did not kill them. Their bodies cold, their eyes lifeless; they still walked. Filled with rage and a yearning for human flesh, these performers brought a new meaning to freakshow. Slava could have closed his circus...but he had a taste for all things dark.

He now has a new act. A twisted and demented act. An act which lets him play with his undead friends.

Welcome to Slava's Zombie Circus.


We are excited to offer all new and improved attractions in 2016!

Check back in early September for more information!


To purchase tickets, visit the box office on site.

  • We accept all major credit cards.
  • Ticket booths will open 30 minutes prior to opening and close 30 minutes prior to closing. All attractions will remain open until all customers in line have gone through.
  • The paintball attractions are for guests 10 years and older.
  • No outside food or drink will be permitted.
  • No backpacks will be allowed on the premises
  • For safety purposes, no flip flops, sandals, or high heels will be permitted


How to find us

445 Miller Beach Rd.
Owego, NY
(next to Hickories Park, just past Lockheed Martin on Route 17C.)


Check Back in September for 2016 Dates


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